This is the web site of business ethics author, speaker, and consultant David W. Gill. Gill recently retired from a forty-year career as professor of ethics in several MBA programs (most recently St. Mary’s College Graduate School of Business and Economics) and in other university and seminary contexts. This will allow him to focus more on the writing, speaking, and consulting projects which have also preoccupied him those same forty years. 

Gill’s approach is to see ethics and values as “the ways we need to treat each other and our stakeholders in order to achieve our mission with excellence.” All too often business and organizational ethics is little more than negative “damage control.” A vastly better way is to view it as “mission-control.” Get an inspiring, positive mission in place, build a value-embedded culture aligned with that mission, and our ethical performance is likely to be exemplary. 

David Gill has also written and taught a great deal on religion and ethics, which is described at his other web site davidwgill.org (click here)

The Principal: David W. Gill

Dr. David W. Gill

Engaging David Gill in my business was like turning on the lights in a dark room. We already had the business but we didn't have the clarity we needed. Investing some time with key staff people, we came to pin-point clarity about our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. The byproduct was peace of mind for me as the owner and the ability to have firm and clear communications throughout our entire staff.                
                                                           -David M. Gilmour | Owner, Paradise Foods

The Book: It's About Excellence

It's About Excellence

It's About Excellence is a fantastic, highly motivating book that every business owner, CEO and entrepreneur should read and implement. It is the first book I've seen that successfully shows how ethics, vision, and mission must be integrated from the start as key elements in building a company beyond average to excellent and exceptional. 
                                                           - Rich Ferrari | Co-Founder & Managing Director, De Novo Ventures