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Read what people are saying about David W. Gill’s book, It’s About Excellence.

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David Gill’s It’s About Excellence explains a tough topic in a very concise and even captivating manner. It doesn’t just “talk” about the topic, as so many books do, but actually provides great guidance on how to integrate ethics “into” business strategies.   As an executive I was drawn in to key ethical decisions I’ve made for my business.  It’s About Excellence is a perfect guide for any executive or entrepreneur planning their business and should be required reading for business school students.

  • Rand Morimoto, President/CEO, Convergent Computing, White House advisor on cyber-security and cyber-terrorism; co-author of Network Security for Government and Corporate Executives, and other works.

Our company incorporated the ideas and concepts put forth in David Gill’s It’s About Excellence with resounding success as measured by the acceptance and enthusiasm of our employees. Now we have a moral and ethical guide for our company going forward that really describes our “heart and soul” to our employees and clients. It makes good business sense to me.

Practical, comprehensive, and concise, David Gill’s It’s About Excellence is the perfect introduction to business ethics. CEOs looking to create ethical organizations should give copies to all their managers.

  • James O’Toole, Professor, Marshall School of Business, USC, authorLeading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership, The Executive’s Compass, Creating the Good Life, and other books

It’s About Excellence is thorough, compelling, and urgently needed to bring us back—and then keep us on the right track—to excellence in our business life.

  • David M. Gilmour, Founder & President, Paradise Foods, Corte Madera CA

David Gill’s book title is right on target. It’s About Excellence is a fantastic, highly motivating book that every business owner, CEO and entrepreneur should read and implement.  It is the first book I’ve seen that successfully shows how ethics, vision, and mission must be integrated from the start as key elements in building a company beyond average to excellent and exceptional.

  • Rich Ferrari, Co-Founder and Managing Director, De Novo Ventures

What a treat to find an ethics text that is readable, practical, and still based on solid ethical theory!  David Gill’s book will be of value to anyone who has to run an organization, for profit or otherwise.

  • Lisa Newton, Professor and Director, Program in Applied Ethics, Fairfield University (CT); co-author of  Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Business Ethics and Society; author ofPermission to Steal: Revealing the Roots of Corporate Scandal, and many other works.

At a time when consumers, investors and employees are demanding transparency from the companies they purchase from, invest in, or work for, David Gill’s Its About Excellence is a timely and practical manifesto for not only doing well but doing the right thing.  Anyone who invests time in recruiting talented people and developing high-performance organizations should also invest time with this book.   A great resource for a management retreat.

  • Doug Sterne, Senior Vice President, Clear Channel Radio

Business leaders need a new method, a new generation of tools and guidelines, to compete today both ethically and excellently.  What ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldridge, and In Search of Excellence did for business quality twenty years ago, David Gill captures for today in It’s About Excellence.

  • Peter Jackson, Founder, President & CEO, Intraware Inc.

It is rare that an academically distinguished ethicist can provide such an accessible, compelling and useful architecture for “ethically-healthy organizations.”  Based upon his long-time engagement with the private and non-profit sectors, David Gill’s “blueprint” is a major contribution toward the construction of excellent and caring organizations.

  • Roy Allen, Dean, School of Economics and Business, St. Mary’s College (Moraga CA)

David Gill has provided a compelling manifesto for a creative, proactive approach to ethics.  Whether as an aid in making the case for ethics training, as a guide for designing and evaluating training proposals, or as the foundation for an integrated, systemic ethics program, It’s About Excellence is a rich and versatile manual, an essential resource.

  • Maria I. Marques, Senior HR Analyst, Employee Development, East Bay Municipal Utility District

David Gill’s book is a must-read for any leader who wants to create a culture in an organization in which people are ethical because it’s the right thing to do, not just because it works.

  • Dennis Bakke, Co-Founder & CEO emeritus, AES Corporation, president, Imagine Schools, and author of Joy at Work

Successful businesses understand the fundamental and paramount importance of relationships with customers and employees. David Gill provides a useful blueprint for ethical stewardship of these essential relationships in any company. The key is a clear vision for the long term.  In our post-Enron world, where greed and cutting corners are a daily reality on a global scale, this book sounds a much needed drum beat for what’s truly important.

  • Clark Sept, Co-Founder/Principal, Business Place Strategies, Inc.

David Gill’s It’s About Excellence poses probing questions every manager should seriously contemplate. His mission-control “blueprint” is a powerful synopsis of how to improve the ethical health of organizations—with a set of tools for aligning corporate cultures with ethical decisions and behavior.

  • Jana Kemp, author of NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life (2005) and BuildingCommunity in Buildings (2007).

For any business student or working professional, It’s About Excellence is a must-read book.  Drawing on more than three decades of ethics teaching and practice, David Gill explains in detail the theory of ethics as well as how to apply it in the workplace, with several practical questionnaires, diagnostic tests, and matrixes to put into your ethics toolbox.

  • Kendall Mau, International microfinance consultant & banker

It’s About Excellence is a densely packed, realistic, flexible, and proactive guide for developing ethical leadership and businesses.  Owners of the very smallest businesses—not just big corporations—can mine a wealth of practical information to help them become and remain excellent in this challenging business climate.  As the sole proprietor of a small bookstore for over thirty years, I highly recommend David Gill’s book for other “Main Street” businesses.

  • Carol Spencer, Proprietor, Russian Hill Bookstore, San Francisco, CA

David Gill’s It’s About Excellence is a well written, theoretically rich, insightful and practical book.  The concepts and tools contained within its pages can assist business leaders in the critical tasks of developing healthy organizational cultures and restoring overall trust in business.  The book is a wonderful resource for students and practicing managers alike.

  • Kenman Wong, Professor of Business Ethics, Seattle Pacific University; co-author, Beyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics

It’s About Excellence is a must-read for any company leader who wants to establish a culture of ethics and excellence—and it is an excellent tool and guide for on-going training in any company that already has such a culture.  Absolutely enjoyable reading!

  • Guy Erickson, President, Harris & Associates, Concord CA

It’s About Excellence demonstrates convincingly that ethics is hardwired into the fabric of successful organizations. Much more than regulatory compliance, sound ethics is fleshed-out-excellence manifested in daily work life—from CEO to mid-level manager to entry-level staff.  Anyone seeking to build sustained organizational excellence should keep this resource close at hand.

  • Greg Zegarowski, President, Financial Leadership Corporation

David Gill provides a compelling and insightful manifesto linking ethics to healthy, excellent organizations. He doesn’t just preach at us about what to do but also provides why and how to implement an ethics program—a program that weaves throughout an organization and guides people to achieve more than what they may have thought possible, in ways consistent with innate desires for fairness. It’s About Excellence helps us see the power of authenticity and integrity.

  • Randall L. Englund, Englund Project Management Consultancy; author,Creating an Environment for Successful Projects

David Gill powerfully shows why good ethics is in the best interests of business and masterfully brings together ethical theory and practical application tools for business leaders and managers, HR and training directors, compliance and ethics officers, and MBA students.  It’s About Excellence gets to the heart of the matter for anyone from a budding entrepreneur to a seasoned business leader.  More than theory, more than bright ideas, this book provides a working roadmap to a sound ethics that is woven into the very fabric of an organization.

  • Trish Fisher, Assoc. Chair, School for Professional Studies Business Program, Vanguard University;  former Marketing Manager, Procter & Gamble

It’s About Excellence is a fascinating read. Starting with the basics for ethics “neophytes,” David Gill builds a sound framework for analyzing the issues managers face, from crisis management to longer term strategy and planning.  Discussions of mission/vision, culture, practices, and leadership have been augmented with real-world cases, pragmatic guidelines, and checklists;  this is a workbook which executives can immediately apply to their own situations.

  • Juan P. Montermoso, President, Montermoso Associates