Media Reviews by David Gill

Reviews of business books and films

  1. Alper, N. Business Mensch
  2. Arena, C. High Purpose Company
  3. Banks, D. and Kim Daus. Customer.Community
  4. Batstone, D. Saving the Corporate Soul
  5. Bornstein, D. Price of A Dream. Story of Grameen Bank
  6. Brin, D. Transparent Society
  7. Broughton, P. Ahead of the Curve. HBS
  8. Brown, J.S. Social Life of Information
  9. Brown, M. Ethical Process
  10. Bunnell, D. Making the Cisco Connection
  11. Carey, B. The Carey Way
  12. Chang, Ha-Joon Bad Samaritans The Myth of Free Trade
  13. Collins, J. Good to Great
  14. Collins, J. How the Mighty Fall
  15. Covey, S. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  16. Crawford, M. Shop Class as Soul Craft
  17. Davis, R. Leading for Growth Umpqua Bank
  18. Dickens, C. Hard Times
  19. Elliott, A.L How Companies Lie
  20. Esty, D., Green to Gold
  21. Frank, T. One Market Under God
  22. Fukuyama, F. Trust
  23. Garten, J. Mind of the CEO
  24. Grote, J. Clever as Serpents
  25. Hall, C. Responsible Entrepreneur
  26. Heineman, B. High Performance with High Integrity
  27. Hesselbein, F. ed On Mission and Leadership
  28. Himanen, P. Hacker Ethic
  29. Jennings, M. Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse
  30. Kawasaki , G. Reality Check
  31. Kawasaki, G. Art of the Start
  32. Kellerman, B. Followership
  33. Kelly, M. Divine Right of Capital
  34. Latouche, S. Les Dangers du marché planetairé
  35. Lencioni, P. Five Dysfunctions of Team
  36. Lewis, M. Big Short
  37. Lewis, T. ed. Electing Not to Vote
  38. Liker, J. Toyota Culture
  39. Maxwell, J. There’s No Such Thing As Business Ethics
  40. McKibben, B. Enough
  41. Mills, S. ed. Turning Away from Technology
  42. Mitcham, C. Thinking Through Technology
  43. Moore, M. Capitalism A Love Story (film)
  44. Mourkagiannis, N. Purpose Starting Point of Great Companies
  45. Negroponte, N. Being Digital
  46. Neuhauser, P.
  47. O’Reilly, C and Pfeffer, J. Hidden Value
  48. O’Rourke, P.J. On the Wealth of Nations
  49. Perman, S. In-n-Out Burger
  50. Petersen , M. Our Daily Meds
  51. Pfeffer , J. Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, Total Nonsense
  52. Postman, N. Technopoly
  53. Rand, A. Fountainhead
  54. Sassower, R. Technoscientific Angst
  55. Savitz, A. Triple Bottom Line
  56. Schein, E. Organizational Culture and Leadership
  57. Schlosser, E. Fast Food Nation
  58. Schumacher, E.F. Small is Beautiful
  59. Shelley, M. Frankenstein
  60. Sinclair, U. Oil
  61. Sisodia, R. et al Firms of Endearment
  62. Starkman, D. ed. Best Business Writing of 2012
  63. Stiglitz , J. Making Globalization Work
  64. Stoll, C. Silicon Snake Oil
  65. Tapscott, D. Naked Corporation
  66. Tapscott, D. Wikinomics
  67. Tenner, E. Why Things Bite Back
  68. Vogel, D. Market for Virtue
  69. Walsh, B. Score Takes Care of Itself
  70. Wright, W. Don’t Step on the Rope. Reflections on Leadership