Consulting & Training Services

Here is a menu of our customized, best practice services that could help your organization—and you as a leader—as you strive for the ethics and excellence target. Following the menu are comments from several ethixbiz clients.

Training Various Audiences

  • Presentations and speeches at company-wide gatherings
    When you want to rally the troops toward higher performance and improved ethics. We will work with you on the topic and title that best meet your needs. Past topics include:

    • "Ethics is About Excellence - Not Just About Staying Out of Jail"
    • "Twelve Good Reasons to Run Our Company in an Ethical Manner"
    • "Ten Principles of Highly Ethical People"
    • "Trust Needs Trustworthy"
    • "'The Market Made Me Do It' - and Other Lame Excuses for Cutting Ethical Corners"
    • "Ten Traits of Ethically-Healthy Organizational Cultures"
  • Ethical decision-making workshops for executives and employees at all levels
    From 2-6 hours: interactive: interactive learning and practice sessions to upgrade ethical decision-making skills for employees at any and all levels.
  • Trouble-shooting specific ethical problems, issues, & challenges
    When you face a difficult ethical dilemma or problem and could use a sympathetic, careful listener and organizational ethics expert to assist your research, analysis, and strategizing.
  • Executive retreats on values and ethics
    From one hour to one day (or a multi-session program): get your leadership, your board, and your management team together to bring everyone up to the next level on ethics and excellence.
  • Executive coaching and support for more effective ethical leadership at the top
    “Tone at the top” keeps coming up in explanations of corporate ethical performance. Individualized coaching, mentoring, and learning to bring you up to speed on the terminology, the ideas, the options, the strategies, the most important literature, the best and worst practices of industry competitors, etc.. Have your own personal ethics professor and coach.

Building/Rebuilding Organizations

  • Mission, vision, core values, and ethical guidelines: project leadership to help organizations discover & articulate it in a holistic, authentic, aligned manner
    It’s a mouthful to put it this way but we’re talking about a proactive, organizational development approach instead of the old “patch and repair,” damage control, emergency approach to ethics and values.

  • Ethics and values communication and training: creation of programs both face-to-face and on-line; creation of multi-year ethics and values strategies
    It’s not enough to have a fine statement of ethics and values (Enron and Arthur Andersen both had them). These things need to be communicated effectively in ways that are customized for your particular situation (don’t bet it all on the machine-like, one-size-fits-all approaches of the big corporate consulting boys). Let us show you what we’ve done with other companies.

  • Ethics and values audits and evaluations of employees, leaders, and the organization as a whole customized and implemented for your context
    We are simply fooling ourselves if we don’t put in place an ethics auditing/assessment process that goes two ways. First: we need to make ethics and values part of the evaluation of every employee’s performance, from the CEO down; Second: we need to invite everyone in the company to give their own candid opinion of how the company and its leaders are doing on compliance and ethics. If we are not walking the talk, better to hear now when we can improve than to wait until after the chickens come home to roost in our company and career.

Client Feedback

  • Nikon Precision
    David Gill worked closely with us to listen and understand our culture, employee perceptions and issues. He was then able to tailor the training sessions to make the discussions and presentations interesting, informative, relevant, and interactive. I attended one of them personally and found that it was stimulating and probed into all areas of our operations where ethics should be considered, but often are not. I can highly recommend David in this area – he catalyzes what can be a complicated and dry subject into a thought-provoking and useful discussion that involves all members of the class.

-Geoff Wild, CE, Nikon Precision, Inc., Belmont CA

  • Swedish Covenant Hospital
    As President of Swedish Covenant Hospital I had the pleasure of working with Professor David Gill as he led our ethics committee and hospital administration in drafting our Ethics Statement. David did a superb job and working with him was an inspiring experience. David brings extensive experience, skill, and professionalism to guide leaders and multi-disciplinary teams in addressing the varied and complex ethical issues of today.

-Ed Cucci, former President (1990-99), Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago

  • Paradise Foods
    Engaging David Gill in my business was like turning on the lights in a dark room. We already had the business but we didn’t have the clarity we needed. Investing some time with key staff people we came to pin-point clarity about our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. The byproduct was peace of mind for me as the owner and the ability to have firm and clear communications throughout our entire staff.

-David M. Gilmour, Owner, Paradise Foods, Corte Madera, CA

  • East Bay Municipal Utility District
    David Gill successfully translates his commitment and vast knowledge of ethics into training that is relevant and engaging. Participants leave with practical tools to assess ethical dilemmas and a methodology for making sound ethical decisions. Employee response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are incorporating his workshop in our core curriculum for one of the District’s leadership development programs.

-Maria I. Marques, Senior HR Analyst, Employee Development,
East Bay Municipal Utility District

  • Harris & Associates
    Our company incorporated the ideas and concepts put forth in David Gill’s It’s About Excellence with resounding success as measured by the acceptance and enthusiasm of our employees. Now we have a moral and ethical guide for our company going forward that really describes our “heart and soul” to our employees and clients. It makes good business sense to me.

-Carl Harris, Chairman of the Board, Harris & Associates, Concord CA