Here are several lists, posters, questionnaires, and worksheets which can be helpful tools in the ethics process at your organization.

Three Comments:

  1. For further explanation of the background and meaning of these summary tools, see the essays section of this web site and the book, It’s About Excellence: Building Ethically-Healthy Organizations by David W. Gill
  2. Please be sure to give the source credit (David W. Gill, whenever and wherever you use these tools
  3. Please share your experience using these tools with the author by e-mailing

  1. Twelve Reasons To Run A Business In An Ethical Manner
    • One-page poster summarizing the case for ethical business.
  2. Ten Principles Of Highly Ethical Leaders & Organizations
    • One-page poster identifying ten classic ethical guidelines.
  3. Personal Ethics Inventory
    • One-page worksheet to help clarify one’s own basic principles.
  4. Ethical Case Analysis / Trouble-Shooting Form
    • Two-page worksheet for ethical dilemma analysis and decision-making
  5. Company Ethics Audit
    • The basic questions and components: are they all there?
  6. Organizational Ethics Assessment
    • Inviting employees to rate the organization on its ethics
  7. Mission / Vision Worksheet
    • Nine questions to help identify and articulate the core mission & vision
  8. Mission Performance Audit Example
    • An example of how to set up an audit of mission performance
  9. Company Core Values Worksheet
    • One-page worksheet for management identification of core values.
  10. Ten Traits Of Ethically-Healthy Organizational Cultures
    • One-page poster identifying ten classic core values and traits.
  11. Culture & Values Performance Audit Example
    • Example of how to audit core value performance at all four levels of culture
  12. Company Ethical Guidelines Worksheet
    • One-page worksheet for employee work on code of ethics.